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◦ Das Wonder Wheel aus dem Jahr 1920 mit 46 Metern Durchmesser
◦ Man sieht in Riesenrad auf Coney Island, bei Neu York, USA.
◦ Die Aufnahme entstand auf einer Privatexkursion im Jahr 2007.
◦ Manche der Gondeln sind nicht fest am Rad installiert.
◦ Sie bewegen sich innerhalb des Riesenrades.
◦ Die Masse des Rades liegt bei 180 Tonnen.
◦ Die Antriebsleistung beträgt 30 kW.
◦ Maximale Passagierzahl: 144
◦ E-mail from operators: The Wonder Wheel takes anywhere from two minutes and 50 seconds, to three minutes and 15 seconds, depending on how we set the speed. It is controlled by a variable frequency drive. So let’s say, on average, it is about three minutes for one complete revolution, nonstop. Everyone on the Wonder Wheel goes around twice, one revolution nonstop, and one revolution stopping to let other guests on and off. The total time for two revolutions is about 10 minutes.
◦ E-mail from operators: The braking is both electronic and mechanical. There is a pulley that attaches to a brake pad that manually stops the ride. Depending on how much you pull it will determine the brake force. How long it takes to stop depends on the weight distribution at the time. If there is a lot of weight going up, it can stop in under a second. If there is a lot of weight coming down, we must anticipate that it will take longer to stop, and use the electronic computerized brake system, or stop the ride sooner to allow for more time to slow down and stop, similar to driving a car up and down a hill. We can stop quickly if necessary. It’s hard to say how fast, because we balance the wheel out as best we can, but using both brakes I would say 5 seconds or less. Normally we stop it slowly for less wear on the system, about 12 seconds from full speed to stop. We ramp up to full speed from stop I n about 15 seconds.


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◦ Author: Gunter Heim


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