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  • Navigationsgeräte von Flugzeugen müssen programmiert werden.
  • Alma Warner uses sophisticated computer software programming to calibrate a gyro package in the Avionics lab at NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards, CA. Gyros are used in aircraft to aid in navigation and help control stability.
  • All aircraft equipment must operate within very strict tolerances, and Dryden operates three calibration labs for this purpose. 3 and 6 month calibrations are performed on relevant equipment at the electrical lab, the pressure lab, and the environmental lab.
  • For almost a half century the Center has developed a unique and highly specialized capability for conducting flight research programs. The Dryden complex originated at Edwards in support of the X-1 supersonic flight program. As other high-speed aircraft entered research programs, the facility became permanent and grew from a staff of five engineers in 1947 to a population in 1995 of nearly 900 full-time government and contractor employees.
  • ED96-43565-1


  • Date: In the year 1990
  • Author: NASA


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