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◦ Zwei Studentinnen teilen sich eine Flasche Cola.
◦ Originalbeschriftung: Photograph of two students sharing a bottle of Coca-Cola at Shimer College in 1941-1942, from the 1942 yearbook of Shimer College. Captioned "Marj of Paree, Senorita Laura: Drink Coca-Cola and Keep Talking!" Now a liberal arts college in Chicago with a Great Books curriculum, Shimer was then a four-year women's junior college in Mount Carroll, Illinois.
Published in the school's 1942 yearbook, which does not contain a copyright notice. Additionally in the public domain due to the terms of dedication of the Shimer College Collection (which includes a copy of this yearbook) to NIU in 1979, which vested literary rights in the collection in the public.


◦ Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Shimer_College_Coca_Cola_1942.jpg
◦ Created: 1942
◦ Author: Shimer College


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